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Another garage sale was held on Sunday, 7th August

EventsPosted by Alingan Foundation Mon, August 08, 2016 16:00:44

After collecting a significant amount of donated items, we organized another garage sale on Sunday. 7th August. We would like to thank to everybody for your great care providing the donated items to support the project. It was a surprise for us to receive such a huge amount of donated items in a short period of notice. It took some time to sort out all the items and make them ready for the garage sale on 7th Sunday starting at 11.30 hrs.

Thanks to Nathalie and her family for your initial idea of providing the items to the project
Thanks to Sus and Jessie for being so kind as to provide all the things
Thanks to Hilde for paking the items
Thanks to Leen and Silke for driving the things to the garage
Thanks to Paul and Jessie for coordinating the distributions of the donated items.
Thanks to the neighbors of the garage sale who provided few electronic stuff
and Thanks to Armand for allowing us to use your garage again for the sale

We would be delighted to have any further assistance from your end.

The list of donated items we received:

- Clothes and shoes
- Children's books and toys
- Framed painted pictures
- Kitchen utensils
- Electronic Equipment
- Bedroom items
- some glasses
- Show pieces

Thanks to all customers who supported the project by buying the donated items.

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Our first garage sale to raise fund for the project was pretty optimistic!

ActivitiesPosted by Alingan Foundation Fri, July 29, 2016 00:37:53

After publishing the message about collecting donated items to raise funds for the project, we soon received some donated items in Antwerp, Belgium. Armand Everaert, one of our project board members allowed us to make the garage sale in his big garage along the pretty busy public street. We had to do some hard work to make the garage and the items ready for the sale. That hard work was nothing when we noticed, people are enthusiastic to have a look of our arrangement and wanted to buy something to support the project. We didn't have a very great collection of donated items but yet we collected some funds on that sale which will be great help to support the project. We have already received more responses from people around in Belgium to donate us their unwanted and unnecessary household items. We are ready to make another sale when we are able to collect some more donated items and are hoping to continue the sale regularly. We are ready to collect any kind of items which people are willing to donate.

An example of donated items:
- All type of clothes and shoes (both children's and adult)
- School materials
- Books and Arts
- Kitchen utensils
- Electronic Equipment
- Toys
- Toiletries
- Bedroom items
- Dining items
- All types of glasses
- Show pieces
- And so on

Thanks to the kind people who provided us the donated items and who supported the sale through their volunteering work.

Some information regarding donations:

There are ways to help combat poverty other than by sponsorship or financial support. You can take part in our project by providing unused and unnecessary household items to our following drop off points. We can pass on donations to the children and their families. Alternatively, when we collect a sufficient amount of donated items, we can arrange for a garage sale or to sell the donated items in the flea market. In this way we may collect some funds to run the project.

You can also bring your donations with you on your visit to Bangladesh or Belgium and make contact with one of our staffs to arrange collection from your destination or you can drop your donated items to one of our drop off points. You can also make your donation directly to the children and their families during your visit in Bangladesh. This applies equally to foreigners and to residents of Bangladesh.

You are requested to drop your donated items to one of the following locations:

Note: Please let us know via phone call, sms or email before you drop the donations at our drop off points. In case you are unable to reach to us over phone call, please send us a sms or an email.

Drop off point in Belgium:

Dambruggestraat 155
2060 Antwerpen
GSM: +32 (0) 474 42 49 01 (between 2pm and 10pm-Belgium time)
GSM: +32 (0) 484339162 (between 9am and 10pm-Belgium time)

Drop off point in Bangladesh:
Alingan Foundation\
House no- 1
Unit- kha169
Korail Bosti (Beside the Nurani Mosque)
Banani, Dhaka-1213
Cell: +880 1861 619744 ((between 9am and 10pm-Bangladesh time)
Cell: +88 01748923774 (between 9am and 10pm-Bangladesh time)

Note: Please make sure that your donated items can be reused.

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Thanks on behalf of the children and the project

SupportPosted by Alingan Foundation Tue, June 28, 2016 12:04:44

I would like to thank to everyone from bottom of the heart on behalf of the children and the project. It was not easy to start the project but with the support and encouragement of some great people, we are able to do it.

First of all, thanks to all volunteers in Dhaka for collecting the information of the children and conducting some initial activities to start with. Their help and support made it easy and smooth for us to prepare all the paperwork for the registration of the project in Belgium.

Thanks to Paul Janssens, Armand Everaert and Agnes Emilienne Janssens in Belgium who joined the board of the project and thanks to those kind people especially to Ron, Stefan Dewitte and Stefan Meynen who supported us different ways to establish the project.

There is no end of thanks giving to Michael Bristable from UK who helped from the beginning by reviewing all the papers, children's biographies and website in English with his great patience. Thanks to all my friends and great people around the world who encouraged me to go ahead with my commitment to support those underprivileged children in Dhaka.

And thanks in advance to all people of kindness who are willing to support to the children.

Sincerely yours,
Palash Roy

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School materials are provided to 50 slum children

SupportPosted by Palash Roy Sat, March 19, 2016 23:31:20
We started our first support to the children by providing some school materials. It was not enough but it will help children anyway. The materials were provided to 50 slum children. They were very happy to have some new things for their studies especially for drawing. Children are always interested in drawing. They were very enthusiastic to draw something immediately to represent their talents :-) It was our pleasure to see their smiling face and their enthusiasm. We believe that this little support will encourage them to continue studies regularly.

We are looking forward to expand the support for the things that they need most to continue their studies.

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